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of communication on Android, but safer.

One account, three apps. You need only one account to manage all of your apps in Secure Pack! Secure Pack is the first step, offering the best open-source encryption for email, chat and voice, without sacrificing user experience.

Secure Email - PGP Encrypted Email
Secure Email Logo

Robust, private and secure email

Shielded by PGP, the app provides AES‐256 end‐to‐end encryption with 4096‐bit keys, along with data compression and hashing. Secure Email is not only robust, private, and secure, but also simple and compatible with other PGP‐protected emails!

  • End-to-end PGP encryption
  • Complex validation algorithms
  • Remote wipe capabilities
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Secure Chat Logo

Instant messaging you can trust

Secure Chat relies on the robust OTR (Off‐The‐Record) protocol to ensure the highest level of encryption for instant messaging. It supports encrypted file and image sharing and has other great features, like Push to Talk (voice clip) and user verification.

  • OTR encryption
  • Encrypted file sharing
  • Push to Talk
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Secure Voice - ZRTP Encrypted VoIP
Secure Voice Logo

Encrypted voice communication

Secure Voice utilizes ZRTP – a peer‐to‐peer call encryption technology that provides protection from man‐in‐the‐middle attacks. It enables you to verify that your contacts are who they claim to be and confirm that the line is secure.

  • ZRTP encryption
  • Encrypted conference calls
  • Encrypted video calls
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Control is in your hands.

Our propriety mobile management and administration systems give you full control from anywhere in the world over your devices, subscriptions, and billing.

License Administration System

One place for end users and partners (distributors) to pay invoices, purchase subscriptions and manage services.


Integrated with the Secure Phone Administration System, our hub for remote management of Secure Phone.

Online Shopping

E-store with all Secure Group products and subscription options. Special prices for partners.


Variety of payment methods – from bank cards, through PayPal and purchase orders, to Bitcoin.

Account management

The system greatly facilitates our partners in managing their customers’ subscription process.

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License Administration System - Pay, Order, Manage
Secure Phone Administration System - Secure Phone Management

Secure Phone Administration System

Our Secure Phone Administration System ensures that you are in control of your Secure Phone, and any other devices under your care.

Account Management

As a powerful remote management hub, SAS is all about fine tuning the settings of every Secure Phone account.

OS Policy

Control which accounts must get the latest Secure OS edition and which need to stay with a specific version.

Device Policy

Ban or allow the device features – USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, location, drivers, camera, etc.

App Policy

Make specific apps available or blacklisted to individual Secure Phone accounts or groups.

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Security & privacy, the easy way

Security and privacy are often associated with complexity and steep learning curves. But people only want the former, not the latter part of the sentence.

Here at Secure Group, we recognize this and do our best to make our solutions intuitive, familiar and comfortable. Because even with the most private phone in the world, you should never feel alone.

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