Security Through
Transparency and Review

Security Through Transparency

Open Source

Secure Group provides tools for secure communication. When we started work on Secure Phone and our encrypted communication apps, we tried and tested different technologies. Finally, we embraced open source software. The advantages are many – reliability, interoperability, flexibility, security – and they meet our needs and those of our users. In turn, this approach has brought transparency and trust in Secure Group’s products. But most importantly – security.

Is open source safe? Two misconceptions manipulate popular opinion. One is that since open source software is easily accessible, hackers exploit vulnerabilities before they can be fixed. Also, there is a misunderstanding that the more contributors, the bigger the likelihood for bad code to be inserted without detection. Naturally, there are exceptions. But the truth is that thousands of security engineers, cryptographers and developers constantly search and fix vulnerabilities before anyone notices. Moreover, each new version release is subject to thorough security review.

Better Security

The more experts check a software product for security vulnerabilities, the greater the chance to eliminate them. Open source code is public, and the entire cyber security and development community can participate and help improve it. This guarantees better security for people's communications.


Despite differences in implementation, apps based on open source support greater interoperability and compatibility. They feature enough of the same basic code to successfully “talk” to each other. Secure Group’s encrypted communication apps work with competitor counterparts using the same protocols.

Constant Review

Open source beats proprietary software in an important area. Closed source software calls for a leap of faith and trust in a vendor and their security claims. With open source, the code is there for you to check. Even if you are not a developer, having the code available for review shows that service providers have nothing to hide.

Lighter & Faster

Open source software is transparent. This also means that vendors cannot sneak in unwanted, hidden features with updates. Everything the program does is what the user has asked and paid for. Because of that, open source software is lighter and requires fewer system resources to run properly.

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More Eyes = Fewer Flaws

Bug Bounty

Report a bug, flaw, or security vulnerability and get a reward in exchange. We highly value any input that can further improve our products and make them even more secure.

You know what the famous Linus Law says: “Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.” It is even more valid in the context of cybersecurity. Because of that, Secure Group invites independent researchers and white hat hackers to report any vulnerabilities they can find as described in the program brief.

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