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PGP email, OTR encrypted chat, and an overall limited attack surface.

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Private, Reliable, Secure

Key Features

Secure BlackBerry is a complete solution for private email and chat communication. It features custom apps and a multi-IMSI SIM card. Voice calls and internet browsing have been disabled to reduce the device’s attack surface.

PGP Email Encryption

Secure BlackBerry offers PGP end-to-end encryption for emails with 4096-bit keys, generated and stored only on the device.

OTR Chat Encryption

Using the OTR cryptographic protocol, Secure BlackBerry’s built-in chat app provides strong end-to-end encryption and forward secrecy.

Secure Applications

Eight in-house developed applications limit the attack surface to a minimum, protect your information and guarantee your privacy.

No MITM Attacks

The authentication algorithms employed by our communication apps rule out the chance for anyone to eavesdrop on your conversations.

No Voice Calls

Regular phone calls are unencrypted – and, therefore, a security risk. We have disabled them on Secure BlackBerry to ensure our users’ privacy.

Instant Connectivity

Without phone calls, you need a data plan to use chat and email – we provide you with one, thanks to our multi-IMSI Secure SIM card.

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See how Secure BlackBerry compares to other mobile security solutions on the market, and what makes it stand out when it comes to securing your privacy.

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Custom Apps for Improved Security

Secure BlackBerry comes preloaded with our apps for end-to-end encrypted communication – Secure Email, where you create your cryptographic keys, and Secure Chat. It also features applications that backup all your data, remove any third-party apps, clear logs, and, of course, wipe your phone.

Secure Chat

Secure Chat is a secure alternative to Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat and other communication apps. It is an encrypted instant messaging (IM) client developed from the ground up. Developed for BlackBerry, it relies on the OTR (Off-The-Record) protocol, and makes sure your messages are only seen by authorized recipients.

  • End-to-end OTR encryption
  • New encryption keys for every session
  • Deniable authentication
  • Secret Mode
  • Compatibility with other OTR-based apps


BBappremoval is an important app that scans your cell phone for applications making your device vulnerable (including social media and games), removes them and reinforces device security.

  • Anti-virus and anti-spyware tool
  • Scans device & removes vulnerable apps

Secure Backup

Secure Backup is an application that allows you to perform secure backups of your contact list. When needed, the app restores previously created encrypted backups.

  • Backup copies of your BlackBerry contact list
  • Send encrypted backup copies of your BlackBerry contact list to an email address of your choice
  • Restore previously created encrypted backups from storage
  • Restore previously created encrypted backups from email

Secure Note

Secure Note is a password-protected app that safely stores text documents on your SD card. The application protects your information with a PIN number.

  • Add an encrypted note
  • Access and edit an encrypted note
  • Delete an encrypted note

Secure Wipe

Secure Wipe is an easy-to-use application that can serve the function of a panic button. With one click, it wipes your device and restores it to factory settings.

  • Instant wipe of all confidential data
  • Restores phone to factory settings

Secure Clear

We know that keeping logs is not a good idea when it comes to private communications. That is why we designed Secure Clear to erase with a tap all history and logs from your phone. Also, the app increases the speed of your device and serves as a shield against data-thieves.

  • One-click performance
  • Clears event log and memory

My Account

You are lost without the My Account app on Secure BlackBerry. It is here that you create your unique encryption keys for Secure Email correspondence. Moreover, the app grants you secure access to your account, and a 24/7 connection to technical support.

  • Create key for Secure Email
  • Receive account and support help
  • Learn how to protect your phone

Secure Email

The average email account is permanently at risk. It can be intercepted both on the incoming and outgoing end. Secure Email for BlackBerry is our solution. Protected by PGP encryption, it is extremely reliable and secure, yet user-friendly enough for anyone to use. Yes, there are other PGP solutions, but most are enterprise-oriented, expensive and compromised by corporate retention law – a backdoor is created to allow companies to retain and store communication data.

  • End-to-end PGP encryption
  • Generating new keys on the fly
  • Authentication, so you know who you are talking to
  • Compatible with other PGP-based apps
  • Remote wipe capabilities

Reliable Hardware

Any BlackBerry Series 9 phone running version 7.0 or 7.1 of the BlackBerry OS can be converted into a Secure BlackBerry. Newer versions of the BlackBerry OS integrate features of Android which open many extra attack vectors – and we cannot risk that.

Besides their tried-and-tested security, we also chose the models listed below due to their compatibility with BES5. This allowed us to pair the device with our Secure Manager backend platform and initiate various IT policies.

Compatible Models

BlackBery Bold

9790    9900    9930

BlackBery Curve

9350    9360    9370    9380    9310    9315    9220    9320

BlackBery Torch

9810    9850    9860

BlackBery 9720

Don’t Own a BlackBerry?

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BlackBerry Bold



640 x 480 px Touch Screen


Li-Ion Battery


1.2 GHz Marvel Processor

BlackBerry Bold



480 x 360 px Touch Screen


Li-Ion Battery


1 GHz Marvel Processor

Secure SIM

Unlimited Data, Anywhere!

Along with the best protection, we also provide you with the best communication. Secure BlackBerry comes with a multi-IMSI Secure SIM card that always keeps you connected. It offers unlimited data internationally without roaming or other fees.

Secure SIM is a BES5-capable SIM card, which is required for the correct behavior of the apps on Secure BlackBerry.


  • Multi-IMSI for the best connectivity
  • Unlimited data anywhere you go
  • No roaming or other fees

Offered in Standard, Micro and Nano sizes

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