Distribution Network Management

Secure Manager is a web-based platform which grants our partners remote control over the entire process of purchasing, renewing, and managing subscriptions.

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Developed to serve our distributors and resellers, Secure Manager gives them total control over billing, user accounts, and subscriptions.

Manage Your Clients

Secure Manager is a one-stop platform allowing management of all aspects connected to delivering a great service to clients.


Secure Manager gives you the option to purchase a domain name and dedicate it to a group of accounts, helping you establish and maintain a brand identity.


Secure Manager is the place where users place orders for Secure Group’s products, and where they make their purchases.

What You Can Do with Secure Manager

What You Can Do with Secure Manager

Manage Services

The core of Secure Manager is the Services menu – where the actual management takes place for all the available subscriptions for Secure Phone, Secure BlackBerry, Secure SIM cards, and Secure Pack.

  • View subscription purchases and see their status
  • Browse and manage payments for services
  • Create, view and manage visibility groups for products

Assign Domains

For some businesses, it’s important to maintain a brand. This is why we give our partners the option to purchase custom domains via Secure Manager. This is the part of the platform where this happens.

  • Purchase and register domains
  • Transfer domains you have bought from third parties
  • Make DNS configurations of all domains you own

Issue Invoices

This is where you manage everything related to finances and Secure Group. You can view your balance and pending payments, and create a deposit, used to cover existing subscriptions or purchase new ones.

  • View, print, download, and pay pending invoices
  • Create a summary of all paid and pending payments
  • Add new funds to pay for subscriptions

Provide Support

The Support section helps distributors contact Secure Group’s support in the most efficient way. Besides a wizard for filing tickets, it also features links to the relevant articles in our full product knowledge base.

  • Create and view support tickets
  • Trace activity and responses to tickets
  • Get news from Secure Group’s site

Make Purchases

The Shop wizard is where you make all orders for Secure Group’s products. Secure Manager guides users through the purchasing process with several steps; it starts with choosing a product and ends with selecting a payment method.

  • Purchase different bundles of products
  • Select subscription type
  • Create accounts for different products

"Secure Manager is one of the best managing systems I have seen in a while. With just a couple of clicks, I can change SIM cards, enable and disable users, renew subscriptions... All this without the necessity to call a service center or open a ticket with the wonderful support team!"

Robin van den B.

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Watch our webinar, which takes you on a prerecorded tour of Secure Manager and the different actions it allows you to perform.

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